GT40s at Gelscoe

GT40 P 1089 has been with us to have a pre season prep in advance of some early testing.

Engine has been rebuilt along with the installation of a Gearbox Oil Pump and Cooler system. The rear Suspension has been replated and new Wheel Bearings fitted to the rear Uprights.

GEL 003 also ready for it’s first test, again in preparation for next year.

GT40 P 1066


After nearly life long ownership of GT40 10XX the owners agreed it was time to inspect the Chassis of this very original Car.

On the surface the only visable sign of any damage was rust around the Footbox area and side Pontoons.

Gelscoe Motorsport started the restoration by opening up the Floor and looking inside the hidden areas where the rust can spread.

Of all the original GT40′s Gelscoe have restored this example was by far the best with only decay in the normal spots. Dry storage in a humid free Workshop had kept her in very good condition.



Once inside, the small areas of rust can be treated and stopped from spreading. The front Chassis Legs are a common place to find rust, here you can see it has just started to take hold.

The damaged areas are cleaned and then treated before the original Floor is refitted.


Further indepth investigation shows up more decay which is treated as soon as it’s possible to gain access.


Damage to Engine Bay Ribs can be sorted whilst the Floor and sides have been removed.


With the rust and small rotten areas repaired and treated the Chassis is placed in the Jig and the Pontoons re fitted.


Great care is taken to ensure that the main Chassis is kept hard down on the Jig floor to stop any chance of a twist as the sides are welded in place.


The last outer Sill cover is fitted, still with the Chassis clamped to the Jig.


With the Jig spun over the tops of the Sills can be welded up.

GT40 P 1066

After a complete Chassis restoration and repaint GT40 P 1066 starts to have the internal panels fitted.

Finished in it’s original colour of a deep grey. The Chassis has also been painted in the original black.


This famous Car was the first of Gelscoe Motorsport’s Prototype restorations. After being sold by FAV when the GT40 went into production, this prototype spent the rest of it’s life in the States. Fitted with the later Nose and Tail section, it competed in several historic races before again being laid to rest in a private Garage.

John Etheridge had tracked the Car from day one and after spending years trying to bring the Car back to the UK this went ahead 12mths before it’s planned first race at the Goodwood revival.

GT105 was the works test Car and did more development miles than any other GT40 in history. During it’s test program it was shod with the early Nose and Tail shape. One of the problem’s Gelscoe had was to recreate the correct profile Bodywork.

In the photgraph you can see the Chassis being fitted with the period Bodywork and in the background a picture of GT105 from which the scaled measurements were taken.

The front Bodywork needed to be corrected to suit the 4″ shorter Nose Frame, along with the Vents which unlike a standard Car cannot be removed.

GT105 was in need of comprehensive Chassis restoration. Here you can see the Footwell Panel has been removed to tackle internal rot. Most un-restored GT40s of this age all have this problem to some extent in this area.

Being the 1964 test and development Car it was used on a regular basis whatever the weather…  not good for an untreated steel Monocoque Chassis !.


We also offer a 1968 spec Car with the Weslake Engine and wide Body.

The first Chassis was delivered early 2009 and was purchased by a well know collector who already has two original gt40s.

Based around GT40P 1075 this was an exact copy of the double Le-Mans winner, our Chassis went on to win its class and finish 4th overall in its first race at Paul Ricard. Continue reading



After obtaining the complete and original set of GT40 drawings a number of years ago, Gelscoe Motorsport set out on the long road to recreating the 100% perfect GT40. Still kept in the original FAV drawing cabinet, the thousands of detailed hand drawn plans enabled us to reach that goal. Never before has anyone been able to manufacture a Chassis, or in fact complete Car to the standards of the Gelscoe pre-65 example.

Ronnie Spain and John Etheridge, both leading lights in the GT40 world, declared the Car “perfect in every respect”. In fact on first inspection Ronnie Spain asked what Chassis number it was for his records !.

The FIA now look upon the Gelscoe Motorsport example as the official continuation GT40 Car, not only due to the 100% detail, but the fact the Cars are constructed from the original drawings.

All the Cars built by Gelscoe Motorsport have been granted FIA HTP Papers. Chassis one has been raced in the Masters Historic Race series.

Every single part of the Car is made within the UK. The Chassis is constructed by our own team within Derbyshire and has never been anywhere near South Africa!.

Continue reading


After several years racing his Ferrari 275 and Alfa TZ1, Ross Warburton became the proud owner of a Chevron B8.

Gelscoe found this famous little car, sat out in the desert in the heart and heat of California, after returning it to the UK we set about the restoration. Ready on time for the Donington Masters test 2009 and has since been raced at Silverstone at the well known latest Guards meeting where it headed every lap up to the driver changes.

Next race… Magny Cours 2009

This picture is prior to restoration

During restoration

Two days before the first test.

Jackie Oliver drives GEL W 001

Le Mans winner Jackie Oliver tested GEL W 001 at Mallory Park at a private test session earlier this month. He completed a number of quick laps during the day and declared the car to be identical to his 1969 winning chassis of which this Gelscoe built car was based around.

Many thanks to the owner of GEL W 001, Claude Nahum, for the use of his car.

Gelscoe Motorsport win Goodwood TT


After several years of trying Gelscoe Motorsport finally won the Goodwood TT.

Driven by Jean Marc Gounon and Peter Hardman… Sir Anthony Bamfords 64 GTO Ferrari won the fastest TT race ever recorded. Lapping the Goodwood circuit in 1.25.4 to become the fastest ever TT car to race at the revival.

Both drivers raced on at the absolute limit to bring home the win which has been so close on at least two previous events.